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"Madness in a Box" Stories

2007-2008, 24 pages
The legendary Issue #1, aka the first "Madness in a Box" comic ever created, aka disgustingly old!  (And, funnily enough, never finished beyond the rough pencils stage!)  Contains the short stories "Find The Remote!", "Shopping Shtarts Shifty Showdown", and "The Laundromat Story", as well as never-before-seen bridging pages!*

*There appear to be some substantial gaps throughout, with major elements and sometimes entire panels left blank, which I distinctly remember having filled in.  However, this must have occured after I'd scanned each of these pages.  As well, many of the pages where these gaps were filled have big obnoxious watermarks on them, since I apparently didn't save any "clean" files of these filled-in versions.  As I don't have the physical pages with me here at school, I'll re-scan and re-upload them over vacation to get rid of the gaps and watermarks.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

2009, 32 pages
The first-ever "Madness in a Box" picture book!  Ian M. Normal is a teenaged boy who just wants to grow up. But how can he do that when this crazy School Cop keeps sending him back to kindergarten? (A story from the childhood of He Who Saves Us All and Mighty Midget.)

2009-2010, 24 pages
A crazed fangirl who happens to bear an unfortunate resemblance to the artist has been stalking Harvey, so persistently and so obviously that all the rest of the cast (and some special bonus cameo characters!) can't help but get involved.

2009-2010, 32 pages plus extra materials (preview contains 3 pages)
A collection of short stories about various characters' upsetting experiences, presented in the format of a large-group counseling session.  Only a preview is provided here, as the entire book is available for purchase on Amazon.Com.

2010-2011, 13 pages
All Neufwerp wants is a little affection from his sweetheart Marwin, but everything he tries just comes out wrong.  Good thing his friends are around to teach him about the meaning of Valentine's Day...or is it?  Done in the style of a Japanese doujinshi, "untranslated" text and all, but intended to read in English fashion from left to right.

2011, 10 pages
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of a "Madness in a Box" comic story.  Well, kind of.  Done entirely, from start to finish, in the space of two days for a class assignment.

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  1. I think Ian's Second Childhood is my favorite one, honestly. :)