About The Artist

The artist, with collaborator.

Rachel Ordway has been drawing for the majority of her life, and in the last few years, she may even have started to get the hang of it.

She is currently a student at SCAD-Atlanta and has been published twice, first as an original self-published comic book venture titled "Madness in a Box: Angstbuckets Anonymous" (available for purchase on Amazon.Com), and secondly on page 32 of the Hero Initiative's Archie: 50 Times An American Icon (also available for purchase on Amazon.Com).

More of her artwork, including a several-years' backlog of really gross-looking old stuff, can be found at her deviantART account.

She is also a charter member of the Secret Coven Of Couch Potatoes, but if she told you that, she would have to kill you.