Monday, January 16, 2012

Roulette City Epilogue Prelims

So, having finally finished with and posted the epilogue to my Roulette City Original Character Tournament storyline (I got knocked out of the running after round 3), here are the preliminary pieces I created in order to prepare this short comic.  The final version can be viewed here.

When I started out, I already had a basic idea for how I wanted the story to go, but since I had already decided I wanted to use dim lighting (to practice my skills in that area) for the first two pages, I thought I'd block out the light source and figure out the shadows in case that could inform the writing.  And it eventually did; instead of the sole light source coming through a window, I added a desk lamp to be turned on in the second panel.  (In the upper left corner is a thumbnail for an unrelated one page gag.)

Next came the thumbnails and scripting...

...And finally the pencils!

The last panel was left mostly blank because I'd planned from the beginning to just copy and paste the main elements from the previous panel to save a little time and effort.

And...that was pretty much it, except for the inks, which you can find by clicking the link near the top of this post.  Now it's back to the grindstone, but for schoolwork this time rather than minor negligible fame in a small corner of the Internet.

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