Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Roulette City Round 3 Pencils (pt 3)

Whoops, I'd totally forgotten that I hadn't yet posted these.  Well, even if I'm often horrendously late, I'm still an unabashed completist, so here are the rest of the pencils from my Round 3 entry in the Roulette City Original Character Tournament over at deviantART.  I wound up losing this round to my opponent Neilak20 (who designed the opponent characters who appear in my pencils here), whose competing round entry can be found starting here.  Although I may not be officially participating in the tournament any longer, I'm working on an epilogue to tie up all of the loose ends, which I'll post all of the preliminary work for once it's completely finished, in order to avoid giving away spoilers beforehand.

All of my finished work for this tournament can be found in this folder of my deviantART gallery.

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