Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Moon Wizard Sketch Challenge

A piece done for the Moon Wizard sketch challenge at the Temple Of Cartoon Mojo blog.  Long story short, while doing the 52 DC Comics characters redesign challenge at Generate (more info on that here), one artist who'd been picking his characters by hitting the "random article" button on the DC Comics Wiki stumbled across the obscure character Moon Wizard, who had appeared in exactly one Plastic Man story in the 1940's, and thought the character design was so hilarious—of course it was hilarious, he was a Jack Cole character!—that Moon Wizard became a bit of a memetic in-joke among the Sequential Art students.  Of course, with my love of Jack Cole's art and Plastic Man in general, I had to pitch in.  So I wound up with this very Archie Comics inspired image, inked with a brush for the sake of practicing that technique.  It's one of the first times I've used a brush for lineart, so the inks aren't that great, but I had fun with it.

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