Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Roulette City Round 3 Thumbnails

So I've advanced to round 3 in the Roulette City Original Character Tournament on deviantART, which on one hand is great because it's given me a lot of artistic exposure, the community is really fun, and it provides an interesting medium in which to improve my comics skills...but on the other hand is not-so-great, since this is the first round I've been in since returning to school and I'm already having problems juggling both workloads.  (Of course I'm giving priority to my schoolwork over this, but still, I don't want to be forced to forfeit due to lack of time.)

But still, I've got the whole story scripted and thumbnailed already, have completely finished the pencils for the first page, and have the second and third pages blocked out (as in, I've roughly sketched in the poses and where the word balloons, background elements, etc. belong in each panel, but haven't yet filled in the details), with the eventual page count reaching 11, though it shouldn't make too much of a difference if I can't finish the last page in time for the deadline, as long as I can get it in before the judging period ends, since the last page is kind of an epilogue.

Anyway, here are the thumbnails for the first four pages.  This round takes place in a labyrinth in an underground coliseum, which will make the two wide exterior shots excessively difficult to draw, but should definitely simplify the backgrounds for the majority of the story, since inside the maze is basically just a series of blank walls with a few traps interspersed throughout.

As always, all of my completed work for the tournament can be found in my deviantART gallery here.

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