Saturday, September 17, 2011

Digital Art

Thought I'd toss up a few music-themed digital pieces reposted from my deviantART account, since one's a comic (and this is supposed to be a comics-themed blog), and one's related to some comic characters I've been developing (if you've been following my Roulette City Tournament posts, you'll recognize the robot).

The first is "After Today", a heading-back-to-school commentary accompanied by the lyrics (and accompanying costume!) to the Tevin Campbell song "Stand Out", from A Goofy Movie.  For the music-related panels, I also experimented with a new style of digital coloring involving grayscales and overlaying gradients.  It was a lot of fun, and I'd like to play around with that technique again in the future.

The second piece is "Time In A Bottle", with the setup and mood inspired by the Jim Croce song of the same name.  The characters featured are the robot detective Heroina and her creator, the late Dr. Raffoxe, from a series I've been trying to develop.  I also experimented a lot with digital coloring with the help of a few tutorials found on deviantART and on Tumblr, as well as what few compositional skills I've retained from my classes.  Doing this was pretty fun and I'm rather happy with the outcome, so hopefully I'll have the chance to do some more digital coloring this year (in between homework of course).

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