Sunday, August 14, 2011

Roulette City Round 2 Pencils (pt 1)

So the deadline for this round of the Roulette City Original Character Tournament is in a little less than two weeks, and so far the only people who've posted anything for it are the people who aren't competing.  That's my one small comfort.  (Though if more people were posting already, it COULD potentially shame me into working harder/faster...)

So here's what I've got so far for this round, three penciled pages out of an eventual 12.  The designs for the opponent characters belong to my opponent Magistelle, and the original basic design for the Tournament Official "harpy" belongs to the tournament judge Sara-DiGiacomo.

All my completed work for this tournament can be found in my deviantART gallery here.

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  1. I commented! Also, these pencils are doing a good job of conveying the general story, but also making me want to know what they're saying. I eagerly await the finished product!