Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RC Round 1 Pencils (pt 3), Round 2 Thumbs

So I wound up winning my first round in the Roulette City Original Character Tournament by default, since my opponent wound up having too many prior commitments to finish her round entry by the deadline.  But now I'm up against the intimidatingly-fast-working Magistelle, who has already uploaded a number of concept sketches as well as this wonderful cover for her entry RC-Round-2-Page-0-251208453, so I'd better up my game.

So here are the thumbnails for the first half of my entry for round 2 (I have yet to finish writing, yikes!), as well as the last batch of penciled pages from round 1.  As always, the design for Cyrus, my opponent's character, belongs to Andiwashere, and a table of contents for the final versions of these pages can be found here.

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