Friday, July 1, 2011

Roulette City Round 1 Thumbnails

Thought I'd prove that I've been on top of things for once by posting the thumbnails for the first four pages of my first round entry in the Roulette City Original Character Tournament (more information on that in my previous post), which I hashed out yesterday.  My opponent is deviantART's AndiWasHere, whose character is Jonathan Cyrus Jerisol Jr., aka "Cyrus", an unknowing psychic with an extremely overactive hallucinatory imagination.  More information on him can be found here; more information on the two characters I'm using, as well as the other pieces I've completed for the tournament, can be found in this section of my deviantART gallery here.

Without further ado, the thumbnails:

There's very little visible editing on these because most of my editing is either done in my head before I ever put anything down on paper, or done on the page itself as I'm penciling.

The duplicate thumbnails done in ink are to help me figure out where on the pages to place blocks of solid black; although I decided early on that I wanted all of my tournament pages to have black gutters, I actually have no experience using them, so it takes a bit more planning for me to figure out how to use them effectively.  (If I'd done these ink thumbnails for my earlier pages, I would've been able to use a good deal more black than wound up being the case, since I would have been able to place it better.)  Hopefully this project will be a learning experience in that regard, as well as helping me with my compositional skills in general; it seems like unless I create situations where I'm forced to use a lot of black, I still fall back on my old habits of having mostly-white (and therefore pretty visually uninteresting) pages...

Well, back to work!


  1. Pretty neat, but looking at the small thumnail of the whole thing, it looks like some evil plot drawn by a super-villain:) Maybe for a bank vault job:) Good luck!

  2. I love in-progress art and i find this fascinating. And yes it does look like the blueprint for an elaborate bank heist. :D