Saturday, July 23, 2011

Roulette City Round 1 Pencils (pt 2)

The second batch of preliminary pencils for my Roulette City Original Character Tournament Round 1 entry, aka pages 4 through 10 (of 14).  The final inked versions of pages 1 through 6 have already been uploaded to deviantART as of this writing.  A table of contents for this finished work can be found in the artist's comments on my piece here.

The design for Cyrus, my opponent's character, is by Andiwashere.

Page 4 has black gutters because I'd already filled them in and was about to start inking before realizing that I hadn't scanned the pencils yet.  The last panel of page 7 is mostly blank because I plan on copying and pasting the card table from the previous panel and inserting it into that one.

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