Monday, June 20, 2011

Roulette City Audition PREVIEW

So to keep my comics skills sharp (or attempt to, anyway) over the summer, I decided to try out for the Roulette City Original Character Tournament on deviantART.  For the unaware, Original Character Tournaments (OCTs for short) are like a cross between an art contest and Dungeons & Dragons; the host of the tournament determines the setting and premise (here, it's a high-stakes fighting tournament being held by a skeezy businessman in a mysterious gambling city), and anyone who's interested can enter their characters.  Round match-ups pit two artists' characters against each other, and each artist creates a piece (depending on the rules of the OCT, it can range anywhere between still images to prose and comics) detailing their version of the characters' encounter.  The judges then select the winning entry, and that entry becomes part of the tournament's storyline as the artist advances to the next round.  The winner of the tournament receives a prize predetermined at the tournament's beginning.

Anyway, despite the presence of real deadlines for round entries, my work ethic is still so poor that I've decided to post my in-progress pieces here to try to keep me focused and on some type of schedule.  (Just like with school assignments, if nobody's checking to make sure I've been doing my work throughout, I'm far more likely to try to do it all the night before...)

So here are the penciled versions of my three-page audition comic (plus a pinup to serve as the cover for the "series"), showing my characters receiving their invitation to the tournament.  The text on the letter is taken from the official Roulette City invitation.

Reference sheets and more information on my characters can be found here: Heroina Reference Sheet | Butch Reference Sheet

The deadline for entries is the 23rd, with a three-day grace period afterwards.  I'm already hard at work inking, and have extra incentive to be done before the 23rd (Gasp! An actual planned social encounter!), so hopefully I'll have it done well before the last minute.

Keep checking back for more!

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