Saturday, May 14, 2011

Temple Sketch Challenges

So every week The Temple of Cartoon Mojo (the Sequential Art club here at SCAD-Atlanta) has a different sketch challenge, and they've had a run of really good ones lately ("really good ones" meaning "for fandoms that I would want to fanart anyways"), so I thought I'd toss up the ones I've done, from newest to oldest.

Most recently, there was the Jim Henson's Muppets sketch challenge, for which I represented my favorite mad scientists with pen and pastel:

Before that, there was the Beauty and the Beast sketch challenge, teaming up everyone's favorite nag with everyone's favorite free spirit, done in pen and colored pencil:

And the first challenge I ever entered, the Spirited Away sketch challenge, for which I mashed up my two favorite Miyazaki movies in the creepiest way possible:

(So every challenge I've done so far has involved one character bothering another character...hmmm...)

Here's to more fun challenges, and to having enough time to actually complete them!

EDIT:  Whoops, totally forgot about American Canary, from the My Favorite Color Is America challenge:


  1. Oh, that Belle and Cogsworth pic was yours? XD I just glanced through the SCAD blog and I saw that and I was like 'hey I like that'.

    I like that. I like all of them. Already commented on the Muppets one on dA, I think.